Zak, Anna, Justin, Marcus, Cyrus, Ben and Helena is cross civ of the Roman-Hebrew Civilization. in the Civilization:cartoon Empires.  



The Family who are storykeepers who are now serving their Lord. and at the same time evading the crutches of Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire

Civilization and Leader Bonuses

  • Civilization: Friends of Jesus- Gets +5 faith if Holy Site is build next to the City Center with a granary
  • Zak leader: Zealots of Israel- Gets 5 Combat bonus against Melee and ranged Units in the Medieval to Renaissance era
  • Anna Leader:Catacomb Specialist- Has +2 Suzerain bonus to a City State with 4 Envoys
  • Justin Leader:
  • Cyrus Leader: Orphaned Juggler- Has +4 Happiness and 50% less war weariness on Cities with Entertainment Districts
  • Marcus Leader:
  • Ben Leader:
  • Helena Leader:

Leader Personalities

  • All of them is Spiritual
    • Zak-Aggressive
    • Anna-Creative
    • Justin-Organized
    • Marcus-Charismatic
    • Cyrus-Financial
    • Ben-Philosophical
    • Helena-Protective

Specific Agenda

  • Religious Believer- Like civs who follows the civ state religion. dislike if civs not followed.
  • Zak leader: The Zealot commander- Like civs who forms Corps and Armies.
  • Anna Leader: Catacomb Know-how- Like civs developing roads and transports and trades to them
  • Justin Leader:
  • Cyrus Leader: Entertainer- Likes Civs who keeps his citizens Happy and not staged a culture revolt
  • Marcus Leader:
  • Ben Leader:Word of the Lord- Likes Civs who focused on growing Faith.
  • Helena Leader:


  • Building: Sacred Dens:
    • Civ 6: Must be built in a City center and must be adjacent to the holy site
    • Civ 4: Must found a religion gained +4

About: Combined Leadership


  • Zak
  • Anna
  • Justin
  • Cyrus
  • Marcus
  • Ben
  • Helena
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