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The Spokane Tribe (or the Spokan) is a native tribe of the pacific northwest.


Muddy People: +4 food production for every district adjacent to a river. +1 of all yields for a district adjacent to a river (ex: Holy Site gets +1 faith, Theatre Square gets +1 culture, Campus gets +1 science, and so on). +2 defense if the unit is adjacent to a river. All cities gain +1 housing if they have a river within their borders.

Fort Garry Education: Spokane Garry's ability gives all Universities provide an additional science. Religions founded by Garry also get Religious Colonization for free. If one of your religious units is killed in theological combat, gain an extra missionary with only one charge.


Garry's agenda is Walla Walla Treaty. Garry likes civs that keep promises to each other and are peaceful, and dislike those who break promises and attack their weaker neighbors.


Unique Unit: Washani

Replaces the Swordsman and is cheaper to train. This unit also has one religious charge and can enter theological combat.

Unique Infrastructure: Salmon Fishery

Unique Improvement that can only be built next to rivers. Provides +3 food and 1 science.