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Salagar is a Fanmade civilization made by Cezarus


Salagar were a small tribe of Islamic Barbarians living in middle east who their expansion started few days after fall of Mesopotamia and taked over 90% procent of the territories of the Mesopotamia and started taking over the rest of the small Islamic barbarians and uniting them under their belt and hand they starting expanding to 60% of the middle east and even taking over 10% of the Africa.


Salagar posses a diverse Islamic culture mainly the Yemen one which posses a spiky ends and a typical Hindusian with mix of Mesopotamic architecture is used


Salagar is allied with the absorbed by them Islamic Barbarian tribe

The Flag of Salagar


Salagar enemies are anyone who can be danger or threat to them especially non islamic cultures

The Civilization unit:

The Civilization Unit is Araduk a experienced and elite spearman that dominitated the battlefield

The Civilization Building:

The Civilization building is Saluk a giant temple where you can train Arduks or Battle Lamas