Polynesian Civilization is the Civilization in the Civilization:Cartoon Empires.



Somewhere in the Pacific and New Zealand the Master navigators and Settlers settled at the Islands and hones their skills to be a legends to the Isles



  • Kamehameha I- Hawaii
  • Moana- Maori
  • Kupe= Maori

City Names

  • Standard
  • Capital(Moana): Motunui.


  • Maori Warrior- Replaces the Warrior
  • HIkaetu Canoe- Replaces the Galley

Abilities and Bonus

  • Civilization:=Starts the game on Ocean, Can Embark into oceans immediately, +1 Sight on Water, +14 Combat for Naval units on Ocean
  • Leader:
    • Kamehameha I-Naval Produce- Gain +5 Production and Food for a City near the Coast.
    • Moana- The Heart of Te Fiti- Gains +5 food if adjacent to the coast and +4 culture if a district is built next to a coastal City
    • Kupe-


  • Kamehameha I- Unified Territories- Likes Civilization are at peace and protects his cities, attacking enemies cities and capture it during war during war
  • Moana-Crest of the Ancestors-Like Civilization with a developed coastal Cities and boosts Faith and Culture. dislikes if the cities are less developed, Low on Faith and Culture.
  • Kupe- Nature's Guardian= Tries to avoid contributing to climate change by not removing features, planting Woods, and founding National Parks, and likes those who do the same. Dislikes civilizations that show little concern for the environment.
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