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The Piglins are civilization from Minecraft and are lead by the Piglin Commander. Their unique unit is the Piglin Brute and their unique building is the bastion remnant.



The piglins are a civilizations of piglike creatures that live in the Nether Realm. They were once an advanced civilization that built bastions and conquered the Nether, however they have since degraded to a more primitive state. However the race still populates and dominates the Nether with their legions of piglin swordsmen, regiments of crossbowman and their dreaded piglin brutes. They are lead by the Piglin Commander.


  • Piglin Commander’s Leader Ability: Captain of the Lava Lakes

This ability grants +10 attack when a unit is with 7 tiles of lava, lava lake, volcanic soil or a volcano. Also this allows the civilization to recruit the Magma Fortress Elite Crossbowman.

Unique Units and Buildings

  • Piglin Brute - Replaces the Pikeman but is cheaper and has more health and attack
  • Magma Fortress Elite Crossbowman - Replaces the Crossbowman unlocked by Piglin Commander’s special ability. This unit is more expensive, but it has no terrain nerfs in lava and lava themed terrain as well being significantly stronger
  • Bastion Remnant - Replaces the Encampment and provides culture to the city and increased wall defense


The Piglin Commander’s unique Agenda is Gold Emblazoned. He like cities that are rich with gold and dislikes poor civs.