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The Filipino Civilization rises to takes the Challenges in the Civilization 6 realm. 



Unique Ability:.

  • Emilio Aguinaldo= El Presidente: Earns +2 Loyalty when Philippines is at war, +4 Combat strength on Gunpowder, Melee and Siege units, gains a Morale Promotion on Ranged, Melee, Cavalry, Gunpowder units

Unique Unit:

  • Katipunero (Replaces Musketman and must be led by Emilio Aguinaldo):A melee unit unique to the Philippines. Receives no combat penalty inside of Philippine territory
  • Balangay (Replaces Galley): A naval raider unit unique to the Philippines,. Receives +1  Sight Range at the cost of less  Movement. May heal outside of friendly territory and cross oceans without the required technology.

Unique Building

  • Palengke: (replaces the Market) +4 Food produced in the city which has farms and Palengkes and

Leader Agenda:

  • Independencia (Emilio Aguinaldo's Agenda): Likes civilizations who liberates cities + high loyalty + high military.