Paw Patrol is a Civilization based on Cartoon World. for the game Civilization: Cartoon's Empire



During the Ancient Era a kid named Ryder tries to build a civilization that spreads the world. He Adopts 9 different pups with Different civilizations and now they will adopt. and rise for a better Tommorrow


Each Leader has a story how did they get a Civilization: HERE

Each Leader has a leader quote: HERE

Base Game

  1. Ryder- USA
  2. Chase-Germany
  3. Marshall-Japan
  4. Skye-Russia
  5. Rocky-China
  6. Zuma- Roman
  7. Rubble-UK
  8. Everest-Scythia
  9. Tracker-Spain
  10. Alex Porter-Macedon
  11. Mayor Goodway- Greek
  12. Mayor Humdinger-Kongo
  13. Mr. Porter-Aztec
  14. Sweetie-Nubia
  15. Earl of Barkingburg- Norway
  16. Carlos-Australia
  17. Katie- Poland
  18. Francois-Persia
  19. Raimundo-Khmer
  20. Princess of Barkingburg- Indonesia
  21. Farmer Al-Brazil
  22. Farmer Yumi-India
  23. Jake- Egypt

Rise and FALL Leaders

  1. Julius Goodway- Mongolia
  2. Justina Goodway- Korea
  3. Sid Swashbuckle- Scotland
  4. Arrby- Zulu

Gathering Storm Leaders

  1. Harold Humdinger- Hungary

Frontier Pass Leaders

  1. Copycat- Gran Colombia
  2. Rex- Maya

Unique Building

  • The Lookout-Paw Patrol
  • Porter's Trading Outpost-Spain
  • City Hall-Paw Patrol (palace replacement)

City Names

  • Adventure Bay-
  • Barkingburg-
  • Foggy Bottom- (Mayor Humdinger, Harold humdinger Capital)
  • Puplantis
  • Capital City of the Leader Civ
  • Sub City of the Leader Civ
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