Natural wonders are like wonders, except they are already built on the Earth(Different ones may or may not be), much like terrain. In fact, most Natural wonders appear on specific terrain, such as mountains, and will be improved by respective enhancements, such as buildings that enhance the production of mountains. If a city is built next to one, it counts as a wonder in that city as long as it is in the borders.

Natural Wonders are impassable (except by Sky units). They are created and placed automatically in the beginning of the game. There are a limited number of natural wonders to discover on each map, determined by the map's size.

Name Resource Yield
Barringer CraterBarringer Crater Desert/Plain
  • 2 20xGold5 3 20xScience5
Grand MesaGrand Mesa Desert
  • 2 20xProduction5 3 20xGold5
Great Barrier Reef (Civ5) Great Barrier Reef Coast/Sea
  • 2 20xFood5
  • 1 20xProduction5
  • 1 Trade
  • 5 20xScience5
Mt. Fuji (Civ5) Mt. Fuji Mountain
  • 1 20xGold5 5 20xCulture5
Old Faithful (Civ5) Old Faithful Plains
  • 2 20xScience5 3 20xHappiness5
Rock of Gibraltar (Civ5) Rock of Gibraltar Rock of Gibraltar Any Land
  • 2 20xFood5 5 20xGold5
Cerro de Potosi Cerro de Potosi
  • 10 20xGold5
El Dorado El Dorado Desert
  • Immediate 500 20xGold5 to the first civilization to discover it
  • 5 20xCulture5
Fountain of Youth (Civ5) Niagra Falls River
  • 3 20xCulture5
  • 2 20xScience5
Mt. Kailash (Civ5) Mt. Kailash Mountain
  • 6 20xfaith5
  • 2 20xCulture5
Mt. Sinai Mt. Sinai
  • 8 20xfaith5
Sri Pada Sri Pada
  • 2 20xFood5
  • 4 20xfaith5
  • 2 20xHappiness5
Uluru (Civ5)Uluru Plains/Grassland
  • 2 20xFood5
  • 6 20xCulture5
King Solomon's Mines King Solomon's Mines
  • 6 20xProduction5
Lake Victoria (Civ5) Lake Victoria Lake
  • 6 20xFood5
Mt. Kilimanjaro Mt. Kilamanjaro
  • 3 20xFood5
  • 2 20xCulture5
  • Adjacent units move at double speed through Hills and receive a combat bonus on hills the area
Atoll (Civ5) Hawaiian Islands Ocean/Coast (Only found next to an island)
  • 20xTourism5
  • 3 20xCulture5
Mt. St. Helens Mountain
San Andreas Fault Any land
  • +2 20xCulture5
  • May cause a Natural Accident
Aurora BorealisAurora Borealis Snow
  • +3 20xCulture5