Moana is the Leader of the Polynesian Civilization in the Cartoon Wars. From the Movie of the Same name made by Disney



The Tribal Chief of Motunui, the savior of the World and the South Pacific. she leads her people on a voyage across the seas. A headstrong and determined leader, successor of her father and the chosen one who ruled the islands


  • Bonus-The Heart of Te Fiti- Gains +5 food if adjacent to the coast and +4 culture if a district is built next to a coastal City
  • Agenda-Crest of the Ancestors-Like Civilization with a developed coastal Cities and boosts Faith and Culture. dislikes if the cities are less developed, Low on Faith and Culture.



  • Agenda-based Approval: 
  • Agenda-based Disapproval: 
  • Attacked: 
  • Declares War: 
  • Defeated: 
  • Greeting:


  • Delegation: I think your delegation will receive the best coconuts my people harvested. I hope you take them kindly 
  • Rejects Player's Delegation: My people will not accept these gifts for Now.
  • Denounced by Player: 
  • Denounces Player: 
  • Invitation to Capital: Would like to go and meet my council at the capital? in exchange we reveal our capitals location.
  • Invitation to City: Would you like to go to our cities and show you our way of life? 
  • Offers Declaration of Friendship: My elders consulted me that it's time to begin our true friendship as Tribal leaders. 
  • Accepts a Trade Deal: 
    • I accept the trade deal.
    • I agree
    • Yes. My people will agree.
  • Rejects a Trade Deal: 
    • I cannot accept it
    • No.
  • Offers Peace to player: My people are now weary in this senseless war. Can we make peace.
  • Accepts peace deal: Thank you. we both know the way.
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