This is a scenario that would be based in The PAW Patrol episode:Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups vs. Three Super Baddies. And can be a crossover mode

About and Mechanics


The World is at brink of War.The Hungarians,Sumerians,Scythians and Kongolese are unleashing the full might of their military forces. The Paw Patrol have a beckoning chance since the Meteor and the world is at stake. And then a sudden aid arrived in the form of the NeverLand Pirates led by Captain Jake and the battle for the world soon begins.

Civilzations and leaders involved


  • Americans-Ryder
  • Germans-Chase
  • Russian-Skye
  • Chinese-Rocky
  • English-Rubble
  • Maori-Zuma
  • Arabian-Cap'n Turbot
  • Mapuche-Jake
  • Mongolian-Cubby
  • Korean-Izzy
  • Scottish- Marshall


  • Kongolese- Mayor Humdinger
  • Scythian- Ladybird
  • Hungarians- Harold Humdinger 
  • Sumerians- Copycat


  • Land Type- Continents, 3.
  • Sea Level- Standard
  • Temperature-Standard
  • Rainfall- Normal
  • Resources- Standard
  • Difficulty: Settler, Chieftan, Warlord, Immortal
  • Era Start: Medieval
  • Era End: Modern
  • Victory Type:
    • Domination
    • Conquest
    • United Armistice- When one is constructing the Tri Front Building and win by voting Peace Accords: Prime Minister
  • Religions
    • HEROES: 
    • Villains:
  • Unique Units-alongside the civ unique unit each civ has 1 with a bonus with leader commanded.
    • Rough Riders(Ryder)- Gains +7 Movement speed and +4 Combat damage to Melee and ranged units
    • Panzer(Chase)-Gains the super speed blast promotion, gaining +7 Movement speed and combat when sieging districts
    • Winged Cossacks(Skye)- Gains Flanking and +4 Movement speed on hills and +3 Combat speed against aircraft, armored vehicles and +2 Vision on the fog of war
    • Eco Cannon bearers(Rocky)- Gains 2 tile attack from the plains and gains +2 Combat damage against ranged units
    • Earthshockers(Rubble)- gains +3 Combat using siege units when attacking districts from hills and +4 Armor to allies 1 tile around them.
    • Flounder(Cap'n Turbot)- 7 unit transport and +3 Armor against enemies from Shore.
    • Toa(Zuma)- Gain War Dance promotion causing +5 combat strength and +7 Movement near rivers, floodplains or shore
    • Highlanders(Marshall)- Gains +2 Movement on hills and +4 combat against Gunpowder. Replaces the Musketman.
    • Black Army Knight (Harold)- Same bonuses as Hungarian Unique Unit: Black Army
    • Mighty Chariots (Copycat)-Replaces the knights, Gains +5 Combat Strength when attacking Enemy units and +5 Movement speed at the start of the match and before reaching the reneissance era
  • Unique Building:
    • The Lookout- (Paw Patrol and Cap'n Turbot unique building) Gains +7 Culture, +5 Combat strength to units around the city and garrisons.
    • Pirate Harbor- (Jake, Izzy, Cubby unique district) 
    • Villain Lair(Villains)- Gains +2 Diplomatic Visibility and espionage to the enemy
  • Unqiue Scenario and Bonuses
    • Heroes Early Game: A scout reports the a meteor is landed on (Name of the heroes teritory). Get and build the shard shrine to amplify the allied forces.
      • When win all units under their control are gained +2 movement speed,+3 Combat Strength
    • Villains Early Game: Your spies reported that the meteor is landed on (Name of the heroes teritory). Get and build the badge factory to amplify the minions under your command.
      • When win all units under their enemy control -3 Combat strength.
    • Heroes Miid Game- You managed to stop a barbarian uprising and 4 City states are under Harold's control (lasts for 30 turns starting when Entering the reneissance era)
      • Gains +3 Suzerain on The city states and gain bonuses to the units controlled by the heroes: +4 Combat Strength, +3 Movement speed on Plains, Hills and crossing rivers and deserts.
    • Villains Mid Game: Protect the city states by levying Citiy states from PAW Patrol waves. 
      • Mayor Humdinger, Ladybird and Copycat gains +2 Combat Strength against Melee and Gunpowder units and +10% City defense when attacked by Seige units.
      • When Harold managed to repell the Paw Patrol before the industial Era
    • Heroes Late Game: Your people are now ready to fight against these three super baddies. The powers of the meteor are now boosting your forces. Take the fight head on or sneak in to cripple the enemy capital.
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