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Lithuania is a country on the Baltic Sea. They have had a long a storied history and are lead by Vytautas the Great.


Bastion of Pagans: Lithuania is more resistant to religious conversion, unless the religions is coming from a civ you currently have open borders with. Units created in a city following your main religion gain one free promotion. All Holy Sites also gain a small amount of faith from adjacent hills tiles.

Grand Duke of Lithuania: Vytautas' ability gives +3 attack to all units fighting on a friendly tile. Calvary units also do not get damage penalties when on a tile controlled by a Lithuanian city. Killed united provide a small culture boost for that turn.


Vytautas' agenda is Ruthenian Conqueror, he likes civs that attack their neighbors.

Unique Units

Unique Unit: Leiciai

The Leiciai is a unique replacement for the Courser. The Leiciai is a quick moving light Calvary unit that is cheaper to train than the Courser, as well as having +3 melee damage (47) and +1 movement when starting on a any grassland tile.

Unique Infrastructure: Stogastulpis

This unique improvement can be built on flat and hilled terrains adjacent to Holy Sites to provide additional faith.

Religion and Start Bias

Vytautas prefers to be Catholic. Lithuania has start Bias on Grasslands.


  • Traikai,
  • Voruta,
  • Kernave,
  • Klaipeda,
  • Kaunas,
  • Marijamopole,
  • Taurage,
  • Utena,
  • Panevezys,
  • Siauliai,
  • Butinge,
  • Memel,
  • Naujoji
  • Akmene,
  • Alytus,
  • Anyksciai,
  • Birstonas,
  • Birzai,
  • Druskininkai,
  • ElektrenaiIngalina,
  • Jonava,
  • Joniskis,
  • Jurbarkas,
  • Kalvarija,
  • Kazlu
  • Ruda,
  • Kedainiai,
  • Kelme,
  • Gargzdai