Koreans is a Civilization in the Civilization: Cartoon Empires



In the Southern Asia lies the Kingdom of Korea. where the leaders are supreme in their Lands, Culture and Religion. their warriors are now well equipped with Rocket Launching Hwacha at their lead. they will build an empire that expands the Great East



  • Sejong
  • Wang Kon
  • Seondeok
  • Justina Goodway
  • Skye= Scenario only Leader


  • Sejong-Financial, Organized
  • Wang Kon-Financial, Proctective
  • Seondeok-Expansive, Charismatic
  • Julia Goodway-Protective, Spiritual
  • Skye- Creative, Charismatic

Leader Abilities

  • Sejong-Scholars of the Jade Hall= +2 Science to the city with Great persons who used in a city and gives boost to technology researched when Wonders built in the Capital City
  • Wang Kon-Rocket Launcher Parade= Gets +5 boost and a free promotion for GunPowder units and Hwachas
  • Seondeok-Hwarang= Cities with an established Governor receive +3% Culture and +3% Science for each promotion that Governor has.
  • Julia Goodway-
  • Skye-


  • Hwacha=



  • Sejong-Turtle Warrior- Likes civilizations who fortifies his cities and has maximum Science output but strong defense. dislike if Civilization has weak Science or defenses
  • Wang Kon- Major Empires- Likes Civilization for building and using Siege units with melee units and likes civs who follows the same. Dislike if has weak on military
  • Seondeok- Cheomseongdae- Likes civilization who develops in Science and dislikes Civs who has weak Science
  • Justina Goodway- Friendly to Twin- Likes Civilizations for Developing Science or Forging a research. Dislikes if Civilization has less Science or not engage in a research alliance
  • Skye(Scenario)-Cheomseongdae- Likes civilization who develops in Science and dislikes Civs who has weak Science
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