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Hyrule is led by Princess Zelda. Their unique unit is the Royal Knight and their unique building is the Goddess Temple.



Hyrule has been a bustling Kingdom ever since Hylia brought the Hylians back to the surface. Several tribes work together to build a absolute powerhouse of Culture, Science and Religion. Hyrule has been plagued with evil, but it will always win in the end against Ganon, or his evil minions.


  • Leader Ability: Hylia's Blessing

Zelda's Ability grants +10 faith in every city with a monument and +20 in every city with a Goddess Temple.

  • Civilization Ability: Tribes of the Triforce

Each City is categorize under one of these tribes: Hylian, Shiekah, Gerudo, Zora, Goron, Korok, Zonai or Rito. Additionally each tribe has a small buff.

Tribe Abilities

  • Hylian: Gain amenities for all grassland and forest terrains these cities contain.
  • Shiekah: Science production increases by 22% for every Shiekah city
  • Gerudo: Gain culture for all desert tiles and gain money for every foreign unit on a desert tile you control.
  • Zora: Units from Zora cities do not needs shipbuilding to move on water and gain culture for water tiles.
  • Goron: Units from Goron cities suffer no penalties on volcanic tiles and mines have doubled efficiency.
  • Korok: Gain culture and faith from forest tiles.
  • Rito: All archers from Rito cities have +3 attack and gain small amounts of culture from tundra.
  • Zonai: All warriors get +5 attack and get culture from razing.

Unique Unit and Building

The Royal Knight replaces the swordsman and is cheaper to train and has better combat strength and mobility.

The Goddess Temple replaces the Holy District and causes cities to produce 20 faith per turn extra.


Zelda's Agenda is the Triforce of Wisdom. Zelda likes being the leader in Science and dislikes civs with more science.


Capitol: Hyrule Castle

  • Castle Town (Hylian)
  • Kakariko Village (Shiekah)
  • Hateno Village (Hylian)
  • Tarrey Town (Hylian)
  • Lurelin Village (Hylian)
  • Zora's Domain (Zora)
  • Goron City (Goron)
  • Gerudo Town (Gerudo)
  • Rito Village (Rito)
  • Flight Range (Rito)
  • Kara Kara Bazaar (Gerudo)
  • South Mine (Goron)
  • Eldin (Goron)
  • Great Plateau (Hylian)
  • Korok Forest (Korok)
  • Akkala Tech Lab (Shiekah)
  • Hateno Tech Lab (Shiekah)
  • Breach of Demise (Shiekah)
  • Dragon Roost Island (Rito)
  • Dodongo Cavern (Goron)
  • Serpent's Jaws (Zonai)
  • Typhlo (Zonai)