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Gummi Bears is a Civilization in Civilization:Cartoon Empires.



The Gummi Bears are anthrophomoric Bears that thrives in the Kingdom of the Middle Ages. their Intelligence is cunning and happily. The retained a good relation with their Human Friends. and their Gummi Berri Juice. they are now exploring the worlds unknown


  • Gregor
  • Cavin
  • Calla
  • Igthorn
  • Ursa

Leader Ability

  • Gregor- Ruler of Dunwyn= Gives +3 Loyalty to Cities which has Garrisoned units inside and +2 Defense to city
  • Cavin- The Gummi Page- Gets +2 Experience to a unit trained in the city with the Barracks/Encampment District and +3 Combat Strength
  • Calla- Princess of the Gummis- Gets +2 Loyalty to Cities which it has Garrisoned units and +2 Defense to city with +5 Health to units
  • Igthorn-Orcish Strength- All Melee, Cavalry and Siege units gets +4 Combat Strength when Attacking the City or Pillaging
  • Ursa- Celtic Barbics- Gets +7 Strength for melee and gunpowder and +15% City Defense for Ranged Units

Leader Personality(Civ 4 Mod)

  • Gregor-Philosophical, Creative, Protective
  • Cavin-Protective, Spiritual, Aggressive
  • Calla-Charismatic, Organized, Spiritual
  • Igthorn-Aggressive, Expansive, Industrious
  • Ursa-Aggressive, Protected,


  • Civilization Ability- Great Gummi Wisdom= Gets +5 Science and Culture if the City is built in the Plains or Forest and +3 Gold per resource near the Forest
  • Civilization Unit- Gummi (Religion name) Mage= Replaces missionaries,
  • Unique unit
    • Barbic Bear-(When Cavin or Ursa Leads) Replaces the Maceman. Gets +4 Strength and +3 Movement speed
    • Gummi Knight-(When Calla Leads) Replaces the Knight. Gets +5 movement when the gummis Declares war on the Civ and +4 Strength
    • Ogre Warrior-(When Igthorn Leads) Replaces the Warrior. Gets +2 Strength against Barbarians and Animals and +2 against warriors
    • Jouster- (When Gregor Leads) Replaces the Knigh. Gets +5 strength and +4 Movement to attack an enemy unit
  • Unique Building
    • Gummi Glen-(When Cavin and Calla Leads) Replaces the Palace. +5 Gold when connected to trade routes
    • Ogre Camp-(When Igthorn Leads) Replaces the Barracks Gets at least 2 Free promotion when units are built in a city with a barracks
    • Blacksmith's Base- (When Gregor leads) Replaces the Forge. gets the melee units free promotion and +10 Strength.

Great Persons

  • Sir Tuxford-Great General
  • Sir Gawain-Great Artist
  • Lady Bane-Great Scientist
  • Zummi Gummi(If not Rise and Fall)-Great Scientist
  • Gruffi Gummi(If not Rise and Fall)-Great Engineer
  • Grammi Gummi(If not Rise and Fall)- Great Merchant
  • Agustus Gummi(If not Rise and Fall)-Great Artist
  • Ursa(If not played as Leader)- Great General