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The Greek Civilization is a playable Civilization in Civilization Series and Civilization: Cartoons' Empire



The Greek Civilization activates as the classical Era rises and now thrives to pass the Era.



Leader Personality

  • Alexander The Great
  • Alex Porter
  • Mayor Goodway
  • Pericles
  • Gorgo

Civilization Ability

Leader Ability

  • Alexander The Great-To the World's End= cities never incur war weariness. All military units heal completely when a city with a Wonder is captured. gained a unique unit
  • Alex Porter-
  • Mayor Goodway-
  • Pericles-Surrounded by Glory=+5% Culture per city-state Greece has Suzerainty over.
  • Gorgo-Thermopylae= Killing a unit provides Culture equal to 50% of its Combat Strength.

Leader Agenda

  • Alexander The Great-Short life of Glory=Likes civilizations at war with powers other than him. Dislikes civilizations at peace.
  • Alex Porter-
  • Mayor Goodway-
  • Pericles-Delian League= Likes civilizations that don't compete for city-state allegiance. Dislikes civilizations that are directly competing for city-state allegiance.
  • Gorgo-With your Shield or ON IT!= Never gives up anything in a peace deal, and likes warmongers that match this approach. Dislikes those who have capitulated in a peace treaty or that have never gone to war.

Unique Unit

Unique Building