Elena of Avalor is the Leader of the Spanish Empire in Civilization: Cartoon Empire



The Reigning Princess turned Queen of Avalor. Her Majesty shines over the shores of her country and kingdom along with her allies. and holds the Scepter of Light and leads her Civilization to greatness.


  • Unit: Jaquin Raider- has +6 Movement and attack damage to the enemy unit. Can Move after attack
  • Civilization Bonus: The Scepter of Light= Gets +5 Loyalty to the City with a governor and +4 Experience for Melee and Gunpowder units
  • Leader Bonus: Path of Light= Gets +4 Unit damage when pillaged improvements and attack units after pillage.
  • Leader Agenda: Honoring Traditioner- Likes civs who retains high loyalty and does the same. dislike if there are revolts and lets other civs take over the city through culture flip.