This is the Second Civilization based on the Cartoon world.



A kingdom at the faraway lands lies the 5 Centralized Sofian Kingdoms. under 5 different leaders and now unites to forge a civilization that tests through time.


  • Roland II=Holy Roman Empire
  • Quon=China
  • Sofia=England
  • James=Ottoman

Unique Buildings

  • Roland II=Castle- Keep
  • Quon=Theater- Pavillon
  • Sofia=University= Royal Prep
  • James=Workshop- Massive Ironworks

Unique Agenda

  • Roland II=Everything Is Perfect- Like Civilizations who maintains peace, has higher growth and production
  • Quon=
  • Sofia=Amulet of Conversion- Likes Civilization who is friendly to the other civs and followed their demands, strong friendship
  • James=Cannon Hitter- Like Civilization who has many siege weapons or declares a Formal War

Unique Unit

  • Roland II=
  • Quon=Crouching Tiger Cannon
  • Sofia=Pegasian Knights
  • James=Cannon- Middle ages
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