Diplomacy is a key Feature to the Civilization Series.

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Do not Hesitate to Close a deal with another Civilization

When does it Triggered

Once you discover another civilization. the other civilization introduces himself/herself to you. and becomes more aggressive and friendly, others are backstabbers and liars. but you can discover their hidden agendas by Espionage. and If the Player is clever enough. They can achieve diplomatic Victory

Diplomacy Enables

  1. Earning Friendship
  2. Can Trade Gold, Resources, Cities, Technology
  3. Can Convert Civics and Religion
  4. Can Declare War which Spoils your Relationship
  5. You can ask another civilization to aid you during the war
  6. Can form Treaties or Alliances like: Open Borders, Vassal States, Defensive Pact, Research Alliance
  7. Can gain diplomatic points in order to achieve victory.

Personalities in Diplomacy

  1. Friendly
  2. Pleased
  3. Cautious
  4. Annoyed
  5. Furious
  6. Neutral
  7. Denounced
  8. Guarded
  9. War
  10. Neutral

Diplomacy can be worsen if....

  1. Have a trade embargo against the other civ or against them
  2. declaring war on their friend
  3. declaring war against them
  4. You Denounce them
  5. Refused to help them
  6. Signing a defensive pact with other rivals
  7. Dislikes you for something....(ex. Warmongers, Sharing your Religions)
  8. The Civilization Leader is Annoyed or Furious
  9. Past events occurs bad relationships
  10. Making a rival Civ a vassal to you.

Diplomacy can gained advantage by

  1. Strengthen your military relationships
  2. Chosen your right civics
  3. Boosting Trade Partnership
  4. Regarding the other Civ as Brothers and Sisters of Faith
  5. Boost relationships by Treaties.
  6. Peace keeping
  7. Vassal States
  8. Good events occurs good relationships

Diplomatic Victory

Rubble Wins a Diplomatic Victory

Diplomatic Victory is one of the Victory conditions to win the game. first it has three requirements:

  • You need to research Electricity, Radio and Mass Media
  • Must be in the Modern Era
  • Build the United Nations Wonder

Then Elect and act as Secretary General and Vote for Diplomatic Victory and Choose a world leader

If played by the Civ 6: Have Majority votes/Higher score for diplomatic favor and becomes world leader.

Religious Victory

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You Are Chosen by a Religious Victory
This is an Alternative form of Diplomatic Victory that can be achieved in the earlier eras where it must be followed on one of the Conditions
  • Make Civs under your Religion to be a member of the AP
  • Be a AP Resident (Build the Apostolic Palace Wonder... as usual...)
  • Be at friendly terms with other civs
  • Vote for Diplomatic Victory
  • For Civ 6: Have your religion become the predominant religion in the city of another Civilizations by 50%+
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