The Cazathan Empire is a Civilization on Civilization: Cartoon Empires Note: This is Venz412 's OC so no copying or using without asking Venz's permission



The Kingdom of Cazatha is a faraway land... It's kingdom is far and wide. The kingdom is lead by a monarch who is willing to ally one another. and willing to serve other nation as always

Starting Technology

  • Wheel
  • Mysticism
  • Agriculture


  • Andres Bonifacio= Agressive, Expansive, Protective


  • Unit=Swordsman/ Katipunero
    • Katipuneros are very aggressive melee swordsman they get +5 attack bonus against Cavalry, Ranged and Melee units until the medieval-industrial era
  • Building=
  • Tile Improvement=Neighborhood/ Barrio
    • Gets +2 Food, +4 Production, +4


Civilization Ability= Honor and Glory


Leader Ability=Sugod Katipunero!

Gains +2 Combat Strength in Melee units. and as the era progressed Andres gained +2 Diplomatic Visibility and pressure when his forces are captured a city.

Leader Agenda=

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