Arabian is a Civilization in the Civilization Games and Cartoon Empires.



In the Desserts of Middle East. a vast civilization amazed on the desserts. walking carvans, massive settlements. and now takes the Civilized manner into the unknown and beyond Arabia.


  • Saladin
  • Harun Al-Rashid
  • Cap'n Horatio Turbot


  • Civilization Ability:
    • Saladin- The Last Prophet= Automatically receives the final Great Prophet when the next-to-last one is claimed (if one has not been earned already). +1  Science per foreign city following Arabia's Religion.
    • Harun Al-Rashid-
    • Cap'n Horatio Turbot- The Scholars Legacy- Gives +2 Science per Campus District/Building and +3
  • Building:
  • Unit:
    • Saladin- Knight- Mamluk
    • Harun Al-Rashid-Knight- Camel Archer
    • Cap'n Horatio Turbot-

Leader Ability

  • Saladin:
    • Marine Researcher Alpha
      • +2 Science if Campus builds next to A Mountain near the City Center
  • Harun Al-Rashid:
    • Trade Caravans
      • +1  Gold from each Trade Route
      • Oil resources provide double quantity
    • Ships of the Dessert
      • Caravans gain 50% extended range
      • Your trade routes spread the home city's religion twice as effectively
      • Oil resources are doubled
  • Cap'n Horatio Turbot:

Leader Agenda

  • Saladin:
  • Harun Al-Rashid:
  • Cap'n Horatio Turbot