AMERICANS are one of the Civilizations in Civlization: Cartoon Empires.



The Young American Civilization. stands the test of time along with some Charismatic and Organized leaders that can stands the test of times.


  • George Washington
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Ryder
  • Phineas Flynn

Civilization Abilities

  • Manifest Dynasty(Washington Civ)-All land military units have +1 Sight. 50% discount when purchasing tiles.
  • Founding Fathers(Roosevelt Civ)- Government legacy bonuses accumulate in half the usual number of turns, All Diplomatic policy slots in the current government are converted to Wildcard slots.

Unique Units

  • Minuteman-(When Washington Leads)Replaces Musketman, Starts with Drill 1, Ignores terrain cost
  • P 51 Mustang-Replaces Fighter, +4 Combat attack when Siege Cities or counter Aircraft
  • Rough Rider-(When Teddy Leads)- Replaces Cavalry, No terrain cost when move on hills and +4 Combat bonus when fighting at the continent with a nearby American city

Leader Ability

  • (Phineas) Endless Imagination= +4 Production and Science at the Industrial Zone and Campus.
  • (Roosevelts) Roosevelt Corollary= +5 Combat Strength when fighting on home continent and

Unique Building

  • (Roosevelt) Film Studio= Replaces the Theater, gets +4 Culture, +1 Population, +2 Great Artist Point, +5 Gold per turn
  • (Washington) Mall= Replaces the Supermarket, gets +2 Food, +2 Health, +20% Gold per turn, +1 Happiness.

Leader Agenda

  • Roosevelt, Teddy: Big Stick Policy- Dislike civs to have war on his continents and likes civ
  • Roosevelt, Franklin:
  • Phineas Flynn:
  • George Washington:

List of Cities

Founding Order City Name Notes
1 Washington, D.C. National capital city; displayed as "Washington" in the game
2 New York Largest city in and former capital of the U.S.A.
3 Boston Largest city in Massachusetts
4 Philadelphia Largest city in Pennsylvania and former capital of the U.S.A.
5 Atlanta Capital of and largest city in Georgia
6 Chicago Largest city in Illinois
7 Seattle Largest city in Washington
8 San Francisco Financial capital of California
9 Los Angeles Largest city in California and second largest in the U.S.A.
10 Houston Largest city in Texas
11 Portland Largest city in Oregon
12 St. Louis
13 Miami
14 Buffalo Shared with the Sioux, not buildable if they are in the game
15 Detroit Largest city in Michigan
16 New Orleans Largest city in Louisiana
17 Baltimore Largest city in Maryland and former capital of the U.S.A.
18 Denver Capital of and largest city in Colorado
19 Cincinnati Major city in Ohio with a metropolitan area spanning parts of three states
20 Dallas
21 Memphis Largest city in Tennessee
22 Cleveland Largest metropolitan area wholly in Ohio
23 Kansas City Largest city in Missouri
24 San Diego
25 Richmond
26 Las Vegas Largest city in Nevada
27 Phoenix Capital of and largest city in Arizona
28 Albuquerque Largest city in New Mexico
29 Minneapolis Largest city in Minnesota
30 Pittsburgh Second largest city in Pennsylvania
31 Oakland Suburb of San Francisco, California
32 Tampa Bay
33 Orlando
34 Tacoma
35 Santa Fe Capital of New Mexico
36 Olympia Capital of Washington
37 Mountain View Silicon valley city, home of numerous big companies, such as Intel, Google, and Zynga
38 Springfield Capital of Illinois
39 Palo Alto
40 Centralia
41 Spokane
42 Jacksonville Largest city in Florida
43 Savannah
44 Charleston Capital of West Virginia
45 San Antonio
46 Omaha
47 Birmingham Largest city in Alabama
48 Honolulu Shared with Polynesia, not buildable if they are in the game; capital of Hawaii
49 Anchorage Largest city in Alaska
50 Sacramento Capital of California
51 Salt Lake City Capital of and largest city in Utah
52 Reno
53 Boise Capital of and largest city in Idaho
54 Milwaukee Largest city in Wisconsin
55 Santa Cruz
56 Monterey Former capital of Spanish California
57 Santa Monica Suburb of Los Angeles, California
58 Little Rock Capital of Arkansas
59 Columbus Capital of Ohio and largest city and second largest metropolitan area in Ohio
60 Lebam Small census-designated place in Was