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The Akkadian Empire is lead by Sargon the Great. Their unique unit is the Laputtu and their unique building is the Sapitu.



The Akkadian people were a Semitic people that lived North of the Legendary Sumerians. They were the Junior partner of Mesopotamia for a long time, that is until Sargon usurped the throne. Sargon was a tactical genius and conquered all of Sumer and beyond. He is often considers the first emperor ever, making his Empire the first Empire.

After Sargon‘s death the Empire survived and went through some leaders before Akkadia was ruled by Naram-Sin, the second greatest king of Akkad. However after Naram-Sin the empire steadily declined before being conquered by the savage Gutians.


  • Leader Ability: Four Corners

Sargon’s ability grants +3 attack on the same continent as his capital and his cities don’t suffer from war weariness. Also newly captured cities (15 turns) cannot rebel.

Unique Unit and Building

The Laputtu replaces the spearman and is stronger and cheaper

The Sapitu replaces the encampment and provides extra defense.


Sargon’s Agenda is King of Akkad. Sargon likes civs that conquer and attack rivals and barbarians and disikes those who don’t.